Jeffrey Lester, Arborist provides the residents of Santa Rosa with detailed arborist reports they can depend on, including those required for homeowners to remove, prune and maintain certain trees within the county. These evaluations analyze such details as:

• Tree species

• Size and age

• Location

• Tree health

• Structural Defects

• Potential hazards


Once the inspection is completed, Jeffrey provides a professional recommendation about the health, quality, and best course of action for the tree.


Tree Removal Permit

The City of Santa Rosa mandates that residents obtain permits before removing certain large and significant trees. The County protects a variety of trees, including those located within certain zones, trees protected from development, street trees, heritage trees, and trees of a significant size. Before taking steps to remove any tree, it is vital that you determine whether a permit is needed, and Jeffrey can help.  Failure to obtain the necessary permit can result in fines, or even criminal penalties.


Heritage Trees

Santa Rosa designates heritage trees as those having a special significance and requiring review before removal may be permitted. The following are classified as heritage trees when their diameter or circumference is of a particular size:

Bay, Big Leaf Maple, Black Oak, Blue Oak, Buckeye, Canyon Oak, Douglas Fir, Interior Live Oak, Live Oak, Madrone, Oregon or White Oak, Red Alder, Redwood, Valley Oak, White Alder


Protected Trees

Santa Rosa classifies protected trees as any tree, including a Heritage tree, indicated to be preserved on an approved development plan, an approved tentative map or tentative parcel map, or other approved development.


Street Trees

Per the Santa Rosa tree removal ordinance, street tree removal requires a permit from the City Parks Department.


For detailed information about obtaining a tree removal permit in Santa Rosa, visit the city website.





Stump Grinding

Jeff Lester

Certified Arborist

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