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Jeffrey knows how much time and effort you put into landscaping your property, so he offers a variety of services to help you maintain beautiful and healthy trees. From pruning view obstructing branches to removing unhealthy trees, Jeffrey Lester, Arborist helps you safeguard your landscape investment.

• Tree Inspections

• Tree Pruning

• Tree Removal

• Tree Planting

• Fertilization

• Brush Pile Chipping



Weak branches and multiple stems can be hazardous. When trees need additional support to prevent splitting, Jeffrey uses cabling and guying to preserve their strength and prevent splitting. He also has useful techniques to stabilize fruit trees that lean over, due to the weight of the fruit. If you have a tree that’s leaning or splitting, rely on Jeffrey Lester, Arborist to provide the support it needs to flourish.

• Cabling

• Guying and propping of trees



Jeffrey Lester, Arborist doesn’t just stop working when the tree is removed from the ground. He also prides himself on leaving your property free of any resulting debris. He offers stump grinding to remove unsightly stumps, but he also blows off the roof and gutters to ensure that small branches and sawdust aren’t left behind. He will even plant new trees when requested. Jeffrey wants you to be completely satisfied with his work, so if there’s something he can do to ensure your satisfaction, he is willing to do it.

• Stump Grinding

• Gutter Cleaning



Jeffrey Lester, Arborist offers services beyond tree removal. He also puts his landscaping skills to use in keeping your property looking its best. Whether you need regular maintenance or a complete lawn renovation, Jeffrey and his team can get it done for you.

• Sod grass installation

• Irrigation repair and troubleshooting

• High grass mowing

• Weed whacking

• Leaf clean-up

• Weeding

• Trimming of roses, bushes, shrubs

• Mulch and rock spreading



When removing trees and making landscaping changes, Jeffrey knows that other challenges can pop up unexpectedly. That’s why he is prepared with a variety of other services to help with your property maintenance. From repair of concrete that has been damaged by tree roots to moving extremely heavy decorative stones, Jeffrey Lester, Arborist has the skill and tools to get it done.

• Concrete Removal

• Bobcat services

• Minor concrete repair



• Permit Process

• Free Woodchips and Logs with small delivery fee





Stump Grinding

Jeff Lester

Certified Arborist

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