All About Trees


Shade Trees

These trees are great for cooling down your house. My crew and I love trimming oaks, sycamores, ashes, walnut trees, maples, tulip poplars, elms, liquidambars, eucalyptus, buckeyes, locusts, beeches, alders, Any other trees that provide shade and protection from the powerful rays of the sun.


Messy Trees

These are all the trees that gift you with something to clean up. I think they’re usually worth the mess, but customers usually ask me to cut them down. These include liquidambar, fruitless mulberry, crape myrtle, mimosa, acacia, privet, pin oak, ponderosa pine, monterrey pine, honey locust, Chinese tallow, ailanthus, cottonwood poplar.


Fruit Trees

These trees provide tasty fruits. There is no comparison between fresh fruit picked from tree and store-bought fruit. Oranges, Meyer lemons, Gravenstein apples, Santa Rosa Plums, Pluots, Apricots, nectarines, Peaches, Figs, Pineapple Guavas, olives, Avocados, pomegranates, Mulberries, Asian Pears, Kumquats, Strawberry trees, Persimmons, Grapefruits, and even more.


Ornamental Trees

These small to medium sized trees are decorative and often the right tree for the right place. Japanese maples, Chinese Pistache, Photinia, Crabapple, Blue Spruce, Tri-Color Beech, Olives, Pepperwood, Mayten, Toyon, Photinia, Podocarpus, Pittosporum, Yucca Tree, Sago Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, Silk Oak, Western Red Bulb, Italian Cypress, White birch, Manzanita, Smoke Tree, Purple-leaf Plum, Tri-dent maple, ornamental pears, Chinese Tallow, Hollywood Junipers, Henry Lauders Wlaking Stick, Camilas, Hawthorne, Mimosa, Etc. Google these trees and pick the perfect place to plant one. My crew and I love planting and trimming these all of these beautiful trees.


Heritage Trees

Be careful about removing these trees without a permit from the city. Call me for an arborist report, which is usually required in order to receive a permit. Some heritage trees include bay, big leaf maple, valley oak, coast live oak, interior live oak, black oak, blue oak, white oak, canyon oak, redwood, douglas fir, buckeye, madrone, red and white adler.


Specimen Trees

These trees look great as stand-alone trees. Give them a nice space that is all their own.  We love to trim specimen trees, such as the Chinese Elm, Dawn Redwood, Copper Beech, Tri-Color Beech, Blue Spruce, Valley Oak, Cork Oak, Monkey Puzzle, Siberian Elm, Silver Leaf Linden, Little Leaf Linden, Coast Live Oak, Pin Oak, Tulip Poplar, incense Cedar, Henry Lauder’s walking Stick, Blue Atlas Cedar, Trident Maple, Japanese Maple, Gingko, Raywood Ash, Modesto Ash, Deodar Cedar, Red Maple, Buckeye, English Walnut, White Walnut, Mayten.





Stump Grinding

Jeff Lester

Certified Arborist

License #1000970